Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller

In this episode, we spoke with Jonny Miller, the mind behind Nervous System Mastery, about the critical role of understanding our nervous system. Jonny shared insights from his personal journey through grief, leading him to delve into the connections between emotions, physicality, breathwork, and the nervous system. He introduced the concept of interoception and its importance in building emotional resilience, alongside the complexities involved in teaching and sharing the nuances of mastering our nervous systems. 

Our conversation also ventured into the realms of psychedelics and their potential to deepen our connection with our nervous systems, the impact of COVID-19 on professional life, and the hurdles faced while scaling an online course. Jonny's story is a testament to the power of curiosity, the expression of emotions, and the search for joy in times of sorrow.

  • (00:00) - Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller
  • (02:47) - The Impact of Grief
  • (06:26) - Resources for Approaching Grief
  • (08:15) - On Burnout
  • (13:18) - Integration of Grief and Nervous System Work
  • (16:15) - Transition to Teaching Nervous System Mastery
  • (19:03) - Framing the Work
  • (21:27) - Cultivating Interoception
  • (24:14) - Measuring Interoception
  • (26:29) - Exploring Psychadelics and the Nervous System
  • (40:00) - Behind the Scenes
  • (42:50) - Current Challenges
  • (47:19) - Finding Jonny

  • Understanding and mastering the nervous system is essential for emotional resilience and overall well-being.
  • Grief and burnout can be transformative experiences that lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.
  • Interoception, the ability to notice and interpret bodily sensations, is a key aspect of emotional awareness and regulation.
  • Communicating the concepts and practices of nervous system mastery can be challenging, but finding relatable language and using personal experiences can help make it more accessible. Interoception is gaining more attention in the research community, with studies showing its correlation with conditions like ADHD and PTSD.
  • Measuring interoception can be done through assessments like the MAIA, which evaluates different areas of interoceptive capacity.
  • Psychedelics, like MDMA and ayahuasca, can play a role in nervous system healing by surfacing incomplete reflexes and providing a space for emotional completion.
  • Teaching and guiding others in emotional exploration requires setting boundaries and referring individuals to somatic therapists when necessary.
  • Grief can be a transformative experience that leads to a deeper understanding of joy and connection.
  • Future plans include in-person retreats and strategic collaborations with freelancers or contractors.
  • Challenges include prioritizing projects, investing in assets that appreciate over time, and maintaining a sustainable and enjoyable approach to teaching and scaling the course.

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Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller
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