Livin' the Llama Life with Marie Ng

Marie Ng, founder of Llama Life, shares her journey from advertising to software development and the challenges and successes she encountered along the way. She discusses the importance of building a customer base and the resonance of her product with the ADHD community.

  • (00:00) - Living the Llama Life with Marie Ng
  • (00:28) - What has your journey been thus far?
  • (04:50) - How long did it take to get to the first sale to another person?
  • (10:57) - The perfect storm of COVID and everyone suddenly working from home
  • (15:43) - The benefits of being funded vs bootstrapped
  • (26:29) - What did you hire for when you got funded?
  • (33:57) - Life as a founder with ADHD
  • (01:05:18) - What are you excited about? What's coming up next?
  • (01:08:35) - Why Llama?
  • Transitioning from one career to another requires dedication and a willingness to learn new skills.
  • Building a customer base requires effective marketing strategies and resonating with a specific target audience.
  • Seeking funding can provide opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • Hiring the right team members is crucial for filling skill gaps and supporting the growth of the business. Hiring is a challenging and time-consuming process, but having prior experience working with someone can help ensure a good fit.
  • Design and branding play a crucial role in creating a distinct and enjoyable user experience.
  • Creating a supportive team environment with open communication and low ego is essential for managing ADHD as a founder.
  • Entrepreneurship allows for more control over one's work environment and the ability to solve personal problems.
  • Building and scaling a product involves making decisions and managing tech debt, but it's important to prioritize and focus on the customer experience.

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Livin' the Llama Life with Marie Ng
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